Clinic Notes Peter Sharkey

August 29, 2016, Enschede

Clinic notes by Giorgio Marrale (in English)


Body balancePassing/ cutting
DribblingScreen/ roll

Peter Sharkey
  2. QUICK
  4. CORRECT and QUICK all the time

Learn all parts of the game. No specializations (in positions.)

Our job is to make (bad) players better. Fix what’s wrong.

Confidence versus ability; players should not be overconfidence. (Bad shooters should not shoot a lot.)

“Drills don’t teach.”

Peter Sharkey


Stance: feet shoulder width apart, right foot slightly in front, feet slightly turned to the left (for right-handed shooters.)

Three different options: mass line-up, on the spot and while running. 

  • On “Run!” signal: move forward
  • On “Stance!” signal: hard stance + control the stance
  • On “Pivot!” signal: 180 pivot while in an offensive stance

Always have the ball ready to shoot (triple threat.)


Mass line-up. Two balls.

  • Zig/ zag with two dribbles + cross/ between the legs/ behind the back


Thumbs up, elbows in, backspin, follow through with thumbs down and fingers out.


Alignment, lift, finish.

Alignment: ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow and wrist (6 major joints.)

See only three fingers when you shoot. A player’s max range is “the bottom of his shot,” before moving on. (This is the spot before giving in on technique.)

When finishing on the left side, right-handed players still start in a triple threat. This means they are ready to shoot the ball, having the ball on the right side of their body. When making a dribble start, begin with a rip through.


Teach lay-ups from different angles.

Practice lay-ups with an overspin and underspin.

Triple threat (close and in front of the basket) before making a dribble start; Stance + open step + power move + overspin.

“Players are over-coachedunder-taught.”

Peter Sharkey

Teaching the overspin and underspin

Twosomes while passing; push pass with overspin (cock your wrist.)

Alone sitting in front of a wall (right and left hand.)

Alone just below the basket (regular and reverse; this can be a Mikan Drill variation.) Alone starting from a dribble start.